Over 20 years of experience in Sterile, Biological Pharmaceutical and Hospital Facilities Engineering Design, Construction and Validation.
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Welcome to Pharmaceutical HVAC blog. My name is Manel Fernandez and I have been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 24 years. Seven dedicated to Validation and seventeen in Design and Construction. I love my job and I enjoy exchanging knowledge with others.


A few years ago I had in mind to create a modest blog, to share my experience with all engineers, technicians and in general, with those people interested in pharmaceutical cleanrooms.


I had in mind after discussing with, then my boss (senior pharmaceutical engineering director), about condensation in cooling coils. He described the process on the board with a line with the following path:

I took me some time to convince him that the in real coils condensation occurs before arriving at the saturation point.


So I thought to myself that perhaps it would be a good idea to explain pharmaceutical (and general) HVAC concepts to the interested audience.


So here we are. The purpose of this blog is to share experiences and curiosities in design, construction and validation.


I hope you enjoy reading.

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